Game and Activity Ideas for 14 Month Old Babies

I have to confess, I feel at times I’m in a rut and have a hard time coming up with ideas for games, activities and other things to do with my 14 month old son.

I’ve decided tonight that I’m going to make a stronger effort to work on this, and I’m going to blog about it at the same time.  My goal is to make a new post each month.  Perhaps I’ll even backtrack and cover previous months.

I’ll continue this post tomorrow, but for now, here’s a rough outline of what I have in store for the day.  Oh, by the way, I’m a stay at home Dad.

Diaper change
Wake up, fix a nice breakfast, both of us eat.
Baby bath, shower for me
Do a few chores, dishes, etc. so the house doesn’t get out of control
Check email, etc. to make sure nothing crazy is going on out there.
Try to find a unique indoor activity that is new to him.  I’ll have to do some research online…
Play.  Simple as it gets.  Put yourself in his shoes and act as if you were his age and see where it take s you.
Take photos and video
Go into town for a haircut?

The problem right now is that it’s super hot outside, so this limits most activities to indoor.

Ohh… I know an activity.  Swimming!  I’ll check and see if we can do that after my wife gets home.  Hide and seek.

How to Embed Tweets on WordPress

WordPress 3.41 has a new feature which allows you to embed Tweets into your blog posts. Maybe this feature was released earlier, but let’s just pretend it was 3.41.

To embed a tweet, just go to your favorite person on Twitter and get the full URL for an individual tweet. To get the full URL, click on the time in the upper right corner of the tweet area. This is usually something like 2h (for hours) or 15min (for minutes).

Copy the URL and paste it into your blog post. The result will look something like this:

Logos Quiz Game Answers Level 3 – 4

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This is a continuation of the first post: Logos Quiz Game Answers.  On the first post you can find the answers to levels one and two.

Logos Quiz Game Answers Level 1 – 2

Logos Quiz Game Answers Level 3

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Logos Quiz Game Answers

Logos Quiz Game is an app for the Apple iPhone and iPad where you guess the names of hundreds of logos from many different companies.

You can get clues to help you answer or… just use this handy walkthrough guide below.  😉

I will start with Level 1 and go all the way through.  This post may take some time to complete, so I’ll update it as often as I can play the game.

Note: Some logos may be confusing – the ones that are made from letters… so you may see some that have one or two letters from the logo.  An example would be “M” for IBM and “os” from Microsoft.  It is also possible that they may mix up the logos a bit for each level depending on if you are using Android, iPod, iPad, etc.

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Welcome to The Last Blog on the Internet!

Hello, world.  You have reached The Last Blog on the Internet.  This is my first test post so I’m not going to say much.  I’m also falling asleep as I write this as I took an ambien and it’s 3:30 a.m. and my cat is staring at me.

Time for a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and then off to bed.  Don’t knock it man. Honey Nut Cheerios tastes good man.