Logos Quiz Game Answers

Logos Quiz Game is an app for the Apple iPhone and iPad where you guess the names of hundreds of logos from many different companies.

You can get clues to help you answer or… just use this handy walkthrough guide below. ¬†ūüėČ

I will start with Level 1 and go all the way through. ¬†This post may take some time to complete, so I’ll update it as often as I can play the game.

Note: Some logos may be confusing – the ones that are made from letters… so you may see some that have one or two letters from the logo. ¬†An example would be “M” for IBM and “os” from Microsoft. ¬†It is also possible that they may mix up the logos a bit for each level depending on if you are using Android, iPod, iPad, etc.

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Logos Quiz Answers Level 1:

    • Two bulls facing each other: Red Bull
    • Red square logo with wave and island, mountain: Quiksilver (no “c”)
    • Lower case “c” followed by upper case “K”: Calvin Klein
    • Green circle with mermaid woman in middle: Starbucks
    • Pink letter “B”: Barbie
    • Blue “M” with white lines through it: IBM
    • White character man that looks like he’s made of tubes or something: Michelin
    • Black swoop that looks like check mark: Nike
    • Blue rectangle with hole in middle: HP
    • Torn blue movie ticket logo: Blockbuster

    • Round blue and white logo with V on top and W on bottom: Volkswagen
    • Black C with spaces and letter O: Canon
    • Light blue bird: Twitter
    • Blue oval with small blue line on right side: Intel
    • Small black “os”: Microsoft
    • Black circle with blue and white pie pieces in center: BMW
    • Part of a blue circle with two yellow almost half circles on top and bottom: Burger King
    • L and V overlapping each other: Louis Vuitton
    • Slanted blue outline rectangle with blue swoops in middle: Reebok
    • Light blue cloud: Skype
    • Red square and golden arches or M: McDonald’s
    • Blue oval with letter G on right side: Samsung
    • Black letter M: MTV
    • Cartoon face with mustache: Pringles
    • Blue “k” and red/pink “r”: Flickr
    • Red roof that looks like a hat: Pizza Hut
    • Silver circle with line through middle: Nissan

  • Red rectangular shape with two rounded bottom side: Levis
  • Two silver arrow shapes pointing up: Citroen
  • Red “e” and green “Y”: eBay
  • Red K: Kelloggs
  • Black “N” with line going across the top: Nescafe (a brand of Nestle coffee)
  • Black A with yellowish smile arrow on bottom: Amazon
  • L and apostrophe O: Loreal

Level 2:

    • Silver logo shaped like a cup or “u” with bottom part empty: Dacia (subsidiary¬†of Renault)
    • Black part of circle (top) that could look like a mountain or maybe bat wings: Dakine
    • Blue K and L in cursive: Kleenex
    • Silver wings with green rectangle in middle: Aston Martin
    • Two black rectangles overlapping each other with white diamond/rectangle in middle: Lotto
    • Black letter “Y”: Sony
    • Red letter “P” with yellow and blue curves below it: Playstation
    • Letter C and N in blocks: Cartoon Network
    • Butterfly logo with blue, green, red and orange wings: MSN
    • Black shield with ship with red sails: Rover
    • Yellow person/child reaching out to sun: LucasArts
    • Blue circle with red arrow pointing to upper right and white oval in middle: NASA
    • Silver square with letter “H” in middle: Honda
    • Yellow rectangle with black horse: Ferrari
    • Blue backwards letter “R”: Toys R Us
    • Brown and gold shield: UPS
    • Red letter “C” in cursive: Coca Cola
    • Tan ladies face: Olay
    • Blue square with white letters “in” center: LinkedIn
    • Blue oval with silver lining: Ford
    • Red bold letter “S”: Suzuki

  • Blue P with “ideas for life” in gray slogan followed by small blue letter c: Panasonic
  • Red checkmark with red “z” and foundation: Verizon
  • Green letter “M” that looks like slime: Monster
  • Purple oval with Y in middle and exclamation point: Yahoo
  • Blue partial rectangle (right side is slanted) with letter “P”: SAP
  • Gold rectangle with gold square in middle outlined by silver: Chevrolet
  • Black mountain triangle shape with white lines: Adidas
  • Blue circle outline with blue “E” in middle: Dell
  • Black circle with small letter “a”: ABC
  • Silver circle with three silver spokes: Mercedes
  • Red Oval with two smaller red ovals in it: Toyota
  • Rainbow peacock: NBC
  • Red arrow pointing right with black letter “D” in center: Dunlop
  • Blue moon with boy sitting on moon fishing: Dreamworks
  • Red flat oval shape with letter “N”: Nintendo
  • Orange and black shield with “Motor” and “Company” on it: Harley Davidson
  • Red star with black ribbon below it and some green pine looking things on bottom: Heineken
  • Green letters “i” and “e” – Company founded in 1970 by Robert H. McClure of PRINCEton: Prince.
  • Red square with a triangle sort of shaped like letter “A” in middle: Adobe
  • Kitten with red ribbon: Hello Kitty
  • Gold and black seal with man running in it: FTD
  • Circle with red white and blue swirls in it: Pepsi
  • Blue circle with white lines going through center: Konica Minolta
  • Red shield with ram in middle: Dodge
  • Green and black circle with white letter “N” in middle: Netscape
  • Red “tv shaped” square with black word “You” above it: YouTube
  • Black and white puzzle globe with letters on it: Wikipedia
  • Red green blue and yellow flag: Windows
  • Blue square with white letter “f”: Facebook
  • Vertical lines that form shape of Golden Gate Bridge: Cisco
  • Green and silver colored ball/orb: Ericsson
  • 4 silver rings: Audi
  • Letter “W” with swirl above it, gold tilted partial oval outline in middle and black letter “l” on end: Whirlpool
  • Black rectangle with white and red rectangle in middle: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Blue globe with person holding up baby with wheat around it: Unicef
  • Three black lines coming down – middle is straight, right and left curve to right and left: Atari
  • Yellow line with arrow on top pointing to right: In N Out
  • Red rectangle with cursive letter “s” on end: Campbell’s
  • Blue shield with red cross and green snake: Alfa Romeo
  • Part of red R and what looks like part of red letter A? ¬†Italian luggage company logo founded by Giovanni Roncato: Roncato
  • Black circle with green weird thing in middle that looks like an arrow or maybe a bird? ¬†Skoda
  • Blue letters “c” bigger blue “K” and another letter “p”: Connecting people logo: ¬†Nokia
  • Blue rectangle with yellow oval: Ikea
  • Black block letter “N” and “A” – icelandic clothing brand logo: Nikita
  • Red square with white plus sign: Swatch
  • Gold swirls rising in air: Pantene
  • Green arrow on left, silver rectangle in middle and silver arrow on right: HTC
  • Blue outline circle with three verticle blue stripes (middle one is higher): Allianz
  • Golden blank ticket (online database of information related movies, shows, etc.) IMDB
  • Blue rectangle logo with white N: Nivea
  • Logo with two black C’s back to back overlapping each other a little bit: Chanel
  • Black bird with white stripes and “GA” on it: Armani (as in Giorgio Armani)
  • Black rectangle with two white M’s: Minute Maid
  • Gold crown logo: Corona
Woo hoo!  I finally finished level 2.  I played Level 2 on the iPad and can confirm that the order in which the logos appear may vary.  If I manage to get a ton of time on my hands I will try to upload each logo as well as the description.

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Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

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Level 9:


  • z foundation logo red check mark
  • red circle with white cursive l logo
  • w with a swirl on top logo
  • logo with a w and a swirl above it
  • w with swirl on top logo
  • white ball with red apostrophe logo
  • ckp logo quiz
  • blue circle with child and star logo
  • c k p logo quiz
  • black logo with gold ship and red sail

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